Two Day Viewing, Funeral & Cremation Package 

No Hidden Services

No Hidden Services

Our competitors will advertise or quote you an extremely low cremation package. When you're ready to sign their contract they will justify a significant price increase by telling you that the following are necessary:

  • "cash advances”
  • "processing fees"
  • "administration fees"
  • "government fees"
  • "procurement fees"
  • "transportation fees"
  • "mileage fees"
  • "outside local area fees"
  • "required items"

Their contract will end up being in excess of $3,500.

We include all these. All of our services are in plain sight below.

Two Day Viewing, Funeral & Cremation Package # 5C

This package is for families who want a two day viewing and funeral followed by the cremation. A 15 or 30 minutes viewing is available for an additional fee. Additional fees may be required for various circumstances and are outlined in the package.

Service or Item Description Our Price
Hospital, care facility, coroner, medical examiner, crematory, mortuary or cemetery. Included
By appointment; our office, your home or documents can be emailed, faxed or mailed to you. Included
Personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any calls or inquiries. Included
Coordinating service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased. Included
Overhead; including maintenance, equipment, inventory, insurance and compliance costs. Included
Immediate placement in storage cooler while documents are being processed. Included
Preparation of deceased for viewing. Included
Obtain cause(s) of death and signature or attestation from physician. Included
Submittal of certificate of death to county and state for approval. Included
Social Security Administration notified of passing. Included
Disposition permit submitted to crematory after certificate of death's approval. Included
Weekday two (2) hour maximum service with staff facilitating it. Included
Service and/or utility vehicle. Included
Dressing and/or casketing of the deceased. Included
Wood rental casket with interior insert. (taxable) Included
Service and/or utility vehicle. Included
Weekday two (2) hour maximum service with staff facilitating it. Included
One (1) register book and fifty (50) service cards. (taxable) Included
Casket flower spray arrangement. (taxable) Included
Standard cremation, up to 275 pounds. Included
Transfer of entire ashes to one (1) full size basic or custom urn. Included
Plastic rectangular box urn containing ashes in clear plastic bag. (taxable) Included
By appointment; available for retrieval at our office during normal business hours. Included
State cremation fee. Included
Certificate of death (not certified). Included
Disposition / Burial / Travel / Scatter permit. Included
Sales Tax Included
Call or Email for Price
Religious facility donation or facility fee for holding service. Varies
Certified certificate(s) of death. $21.00 each
Additional decedent transportation. Varies
Hand delivery of ashes to local residence or cemetery. $75.00
Cremation insertion viewing, 15 minutes, 5 individuals. $400.00
Splitting of ashes into urn, keepsake or jewelry. $5.00 each
Scattering of ashes at sea by boat. $99.00