Ship out to Mexico Package

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No Hidden Services

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Ship Out to Mexico Package # 7B

This package is for families wanting to have their loved one transported to Mexico. The Mexican Consulate paperwork and airfare is included. A casket is still required to be purchased.

**Cemetery property (first internment right), opening and closing of grave, administration fees and marker or headstone are still required to be purchased separately at a cemetery.

Service or Item Description Our Price
Hospital, residence, care facility, coroner, medical examiner, crematory, mortuary, cemetery. Included
By appointment; our office, your home or documents can be emailed, faxed or mailed to you. Included
Personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any calls or inquiries. Included
Coordinating service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased. Included
Overhead; including maintenance, equipment, inventory, insurance and compliance costs. Included
Immediate placement in storage cooler while documents are being processed. Included
Preparation of deceased for burial without viewing. Included
Obtain cause(s) of death and signature or attestation from physician. Included
Submittal of certificate of death to county and state for approval. Included
Social Security Administration notified of passing. Included
Disposition permit submitted to crematory after certificate of death's approval. Included
Dressing and/or casketing of the deceased. Included
Utility vehicle for the processing of documents at various agencies. Included
Obtain disposition permit's wet signature at Health Department. Included
Certificate of Death's signature certification at County Recorder and Secretary of State. Included
Mexican Consulate documents translation and processing. Included
Air tray container for shipping the casketed remains of the deceased on a plane. Included
Service vehicle for decedent transportation to the airline's cargo facility. Included
Airfare and air waybill for cargo. Included
Port of Entry letter from Health Department. Included
Exemplification from County Recorder's Office. Included
Apostille from Secretary of State. Included
Disposition / Burial / Travel / Scatter permit. Included
Certified certificate of death, one required for the Mexican Consulate. Included
Sales tax on air tray container. Included
Call or Email for Price
Wood or metal casket. Varies
Sales tax on wood or metal casket. Varies
Certified certificate(s) of death. $21.00 each
Removal of decedent in excess of 300 lbs. $200.00
Goodbye viewing, 30 minutes, 10 individuals. $250.00
Identification viewing, 15 minutes, 5 individuals. $200.00
Additional decedent transportation. Varies
Use of staff for service, 2 hours max. $395.00
One (1) service register book. (taxable) $55.00
Fifty (50) service cards. (taxable) $25.00
Lock of hair. $25.00
Ink fingerprint. $25.00