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Mortuary Aid Co.
Southern California
Funerals, Cremations, Burials
1050 Lakes Drive #252
West Covina, CA 91790

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$75 hand delivery of ashes to Southern California home or cemetery.

0% Interest

Cards Accepted.

The accurate collection of data is crucial when making arrangements. Therefore, we have included a printable form for you to fill out. Alternatively, you can use the email form below to immediately send us the information. Whichever method you use, itís an excellent way to gather the information before meeting with our funeral director or funeral arranger.

Click to view/print 'Decedent Information Worksheet'.

Or use the "Information Worksheet" web-form in the next section below.

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01. Loved oneís full name?

02. Other full names used?

03. Date of birth?

04. If under one year, months & days?

05. If under 24 hours, hours & minutes?

06. Sex?

07. If applicable, date of death?

08. If applicable, time of death?

09. Birth state or foreign country?

10. Social security number?

11. Ever in U.S. armed forces?

12. Marital status? If single, ever married?

13. Education years completed?

14. Is loved one Hispanic/Latino/Spanish?

15. If yes, country of origin?

16. Decedentís race, up to 3?

17. Usual occupation in life?

18. Usual business or industry?

19. Years in usual occupation?

20. Loved oneís street address?

21. Loved oneís city?

22. Loved oneís state or foreign country?

23. Loved oneís zip code?

24. Loved oneís county?

25. Loved oneís years in county?

26. Informantís full name?

27. Informantís relationship to loved one?

28. Informantís phone number?

29. Informant's email address?

30. Informant's total # of siblings?

31. Informantís street address?

32. Informantís city, state and zip code?

33. Full name of surviving spouse?

34. If female surviving spouse, maiden last name?

35. Full name of loved oneís father?

36. Loved one fatherís birth state or foreign country?

37. Is loved one's father alive?

38. Full name of loved oneís mother?

39. Maiden last name of loved oneís mother?

40. Loved one motherís birth state or foreign country?

41. Is loved one's mother alive?

42. Final resting place?

43. Burial, cremation, scatter at sea?

44. Physicianís full name?

45. Physicianís last visit?

46. Physicianís street address?

47. Physicianís city, state & zip code?

48. Physicianís phone number?

49. Physicianís fax number?

50. Physicianís email?

51. Loved oneís weight?

52. Any implanted battery devices?

53. If applicable, loved oneís place of death?

54. If applicable, county coroner & case #?


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Mortuary Aid Co.
1050 Lakes Drive #252
West Covina, California 91792

Phone: 626.709.6362
Fax: 626.521.6362
No surprise fees.
Up to 275 lbs.
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$99 unwitnessed scattering of ashes at sea.

Any Package or Plan.

At Your Home.

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Mortuary Aid Co., FD-2342

Managing Funeral Director:
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