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$75 hand delivery of ashes to Southern California home or cemetery.

0% Interest

Cards Accepted.

Donít want or need your plot?

The cemetery wonít buy it back?

Changed your mind about burial?

Havenít received any offers?

Offers arenít anything close to what you want?

Cemetery brokerís commission too high?

The cemetery sale transfer fee is too high to sell it?

The cemetery is no longer up to your standards?
We will do our best to make you a fair offer. Please keep in mind that we are resellers and therefore do not offer ďretailĒ values for properties.

Feel free to call or email us with as many of the details below to get a fair assessment of your property.

-Asking price?

-Cemetery name?

-Cemetery city?

-Casket burial, urn burial, wall crypt, niche?

-Your property location?

-Single or double depth?

-Burial vault installed?
Are you licensed?
-J.P. Cervantes is a licensed cemetery broker in good standing with the California Cemetery & Funeral Bureau.

Are you bonded?
-J.P. Cervantes is bonded as required by the state of California.

What is a cemetery property right?
-It is the right to be interred in a designated space at a cemetery. The property, land, plot or niche is not owned by the purchaser but rather the ďrightĒ to be placed in that space after passing is.

Why wonít the cemetery purchase my cemetery property right back from me or sell it for me?
-Itís more profitable for them and their salespeople to sell from their own inventory.

Why is it difficult for me to sell my cemetery property right online?
-Itís simple, due to the possibility of fraud. Purchasers would rather purchase from a legitimate cemetery broker even if at a higher price.

Why havenít I received any offers even though Iím selling my cemetery property right for thousands less than retail?
-The cemeteryís retail price is not the true selling price. The retail price is set high to accommodate a 20% to 50% discount and thus the final sales price ends up being much lower than what youíre asking for.

How much will you offer me for my cemetery property right?
-We typically offer 10% of the discounted retail price or up to a maximum of $1,000.

Do you pay the cemetery transfer fee?
-Typically, yes but it depends on various factors. Some cemeteries charge more than $1,000 to discourage the private sale of their property.

What does a typical cemetery property right come with?
-It comes with one right to burial, but additional rights may be purchased through the cemetery.

What else is needed besides the one cemetery property right?
-You will still need to pay the cemetery for endowment care. Additionally, before the time of need you will need to pay for the opening and close of the grave, marker, processing fee and possibly a vault in the case of a ground burial if not already included.

Does a cemetery property right come with a funeral service and casket?
-No. The cemetery committal and funeral service are two separate transactions from two different entities even if the mortuary and cemetery are at the same location.

Will you buy my cemetery property right even though I still owe a balance to the cemetery?

Can I put my loved one's ashes in a cemetery plot where my family is already buried?
-Most cemeteries will allow it if there is enough clearance on top. You will also have to pay for an additional burial right, vault, opening and close, marker and possibly other fees.
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