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$45 hand delivery of ashes to Southern California home or cemetery.

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Cards Accepted.

This page has been created to facilitate forms, documents and disclosures sharing for the benefit of our clients and our staff.

Click any link below to display the individual file on your screen. You may then choose to print the documents and fill out by hand, if applicable, or to show others directly from the screen.
Decedent Information Worksheet
Form to gather most of the information for completing the personal and medical portions of the death certificate.

Authorization to Release (decedent)
Form signed by the family releasing their loved one from the place of death to us.

Authorization for the Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea
Form used only if we will be scattering their loved one's ashes at sea.

Causes of Death Worksheet (for physician)
Form for the mortuary to request causes of death from a physician for completing the medical portion of the certificate of death.

Assignment of Insurance Proceeds (from insurance policy)
Form used by beneficiary of an insurance policy directing the insurance company to pay from the expected proceeds directly to Mortuary Aid Co. for cost of services.

Payment Authorization
Form to be completed by family notifying the mortuary their intent to pay for services.

Authorization to Accept or Decline Embalming
Required state form. Family acknowledges that embalming is not required and then chooses to accept or decline embalming of their loved one.

Disclosure of Preneed Funeral Agreement
Required state form. Gets acknowledgement from family on whether the family "does" or "does not" have a preneed contract with us.

Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains
Required state form. Only for cremations. Specifies the crematory to be used and who or where the ashes will ultimately reside.


Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases

(Spanish) Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases
Los Angeles County
The family will be sent a bill by the coroner.

Orange County
Payment of $318 needs to be collected from family and forwarded to coroner.

San Bernardino County
Payment of $255 needs to be collected from family and forwarded to coroner.

Riverside County
Payment of $320 needs to be collected from family and forwarded to coroner.

San Diego County
The family will be sent a bill by the coroner.
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Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases

Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases (Spanish)
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